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Vicki Richter (TS)
Stats: 34C-26-36
Bio: Vicki has blasted onto the transsexual porn scene in a major way and it is not diddicult to see why.
She is cute, has a sexy look and is one hell of a performer on-camera.
She certainly grabbed my attention and I am delighted to now have Vicki as a close friend.


Photosets featuring Vicki Richter
Back Together!!
Gallery: Hardcore
Comprising of 91 pictures
With Brazen Shemales 2 in the prduction pipeline, Vicki and I got together for a warm-up scene which will be appearing in Shemale jet-Set 6.
I am convinced that you will agree, just from looking at these pics, why I consider Vicky and I to be the hottest TS/TS pairing in the business!!

Catching up with Vicki
Gallery: Friends
Comprising of 56 pictures
After more than a year, Vicki and I have finally managed to get back together.

On the day these photos were shot, Vicki and I shot a video scene for Jet-Set 6. All I can say right now is "Don't miss it!!".

Vicki by the Pool
Gallery: Friends
Comprising of 61 pictures
Another set of Vicki that Harlot got to shoot before we got down to shooting the Brazen Shemales video.

Getting Greedy
Gallery: Hardcore
Comprising of 143 pictures
What happens when you team up two shemales pornstars who want extreme sex with two of the best guys in TS porn?

The photos in this set say it all and show just why the "Brazen Shemales" vid is going down a storm!!

Double Trouble
Gallery: Hardcore
Comprising of 123 pictures
Lena certainly got more than she expected when she found herself in the company of two shemales who are more than happy to have their wicked way with genetic girls.

Lena took it all in her stride though and we ended up with an amazing second scene for the forthcoming Brazen Shemales video.

Shemale Pool
Gallery: Hardcore
Comprising of 145 pictures
This set starts off with some glam shots but then moves on to some all-out hardcore on and off the pool table.

The photos from this set are straight out of the first scene of the soon to be released Brazen Shemales!!

Vicki - Brazen Shemale
Gallery: Friends
Comprising of 87 pictures
Shot on set just before Vicki and I shot our wildest hardcore scene ever for Brazen Shemales #1

As you can see, Vicki was in the mood just as much as I was!

Vicki on the Stairs
Gallery: Friends
Comprising of 47 pictures
Thos of you that are regulars to the site will know that Vicki and I are good friends and we met up in LA recently to work on a joint video project.
We also got the chance to run off a few photosets too and this is one of them.
Damn, Vicki has such a cute ass ;-)

Joanna & Vicki
Gallery: Hardcore
Comprising of 141 pictures
This is a photoshoot taken during the filming of a scene for Shemale Jet-Set

Vicki and I got on like a house on fire and when you put two shemales together that are both top and bottom, the result is a shoot that is full of heat and action ;-)

Definitely the hottest scene on the video!

Vicki Richter
Gallery: Friends
Comprising of 56 pictures
Meeting Vicki was an amazing experience and one that I treasure greatly.
I will admit it, she does things for me that no other shemale has ever done. I am not sure whether it is her cute cute butt, her deep blue eyes or the fact that she is just such a cool person to be with.
Either way, check it this set and find out about the girl that makes Joanna Jet weak at the knees ;-)

Videos featuring Vicki Richter
Shemale Jet-Set 6 - Joanna & Vicki
Set comprising of 1 videos
After Brazen Shemales, this bathtub scene in Shemale Jet-Set 6 would be the last time that Vicki and I got together.

Brazen Shemales - Joanna, Vicki and Friends
Set comprising of 1 videos
In the last scene of Brazen Shemales, Vicki Richter and I get together with two male friends from some serious all-out hardcore action that also includes one of (if not) the first double anal in TS porn performed by yours truly. If you had not guessed it already, it all happens in Brazen Shemales!!!

Brazen Shemales - Joanna, Vicki & Lena Ramon
Set comprising of 1 videos
In the second scene of the cult movie, Brazen Shemales, Vicki Richter and I team up with Lena Ramon for a TS/TS/Girl three way that includes everything from train fucking to a DP on Lena.

Brazen Shemales - Joanna & Vicki Richter
Set comprising of 1 videos
Yes, it is that scene where Vicki Richter and I get together on a pool table for the opening scene of the cult movie, Brazen Shemales

Shemale Jet-Set 1 - Joanna & Vicki Richter
Set comprising of 1 videos
Shemale Jet-Set 1, the movie that started off the multi-AVN nominated series features and this is the famous shemale on shemale scene of Vicki Richter and I which showed an ultimate pairing and led to the making of the cult movie, Brazen Shemales

Is it time to


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